Neuro Swing AFO


Dynamic Balance and Stability

What is a NEURO SWING Ankle Foot Orthosis?

The NEURO SWING AFO is the only custom designed orthosis that matches the pathological gait of persons affected by neurological disorders with the accurate orthotic treatment providing dynamic balance and stability.


All adjustments can be changed separately and do not influence each other.

1 Adjustable Aligment

Since the orthosis must be aligned in such a way that it provides the required lever effect, it is necessary to use an adjustable ankle joint. On the one hand to align the orthosis matching the patient’s pathological gait and on the other hand to easily and flexibly adapt it to changes in gait. Thanks to the adjust- able alignment of the NEURO SWING system ankle joint, tuning the orthosis is perfectly possible. 

2 Adjustable Range of Motion

After surgery, it may be necessary to lock the range of motion of an orthosis partially or completely and only allow it again later during the course of the therapy. The range of motion, predefined by the spring unit, is adjustable in steps in plantar flexion and dorsiflexion using the motion limiting screw. When the motion limiting screw is turned in down to the spring unit, the joint is locked and no movement is possible. Later, the range of motion can be adjusted to the course of the therapy by unscrewing the motion limiting screw.

3 Variable Spring Force

The spring force in plantar flexion and dorsiflexion can be individually and eas- ily adjusted to the patient’s pathological gait by using spring units of different strength. There are five spring units from normal to extra strong. Each spring unit determines the maximum range of motion. They are available for 5°, 10° and 15° range of motion.

Why is it so different?

Optimal adjustment to the patient’s needs is expected of a modern orthotic concept. This is the only way to ensure the realization of all goals required for an AFO. The adjustable NEURO SWING system ankle joint was developed for this purpose Almost all of the listed AFOs limit the physiological plantar flexion and make it difficult to achieve the best possible compromise of dorsiflexion effect, energy storage for the push off and heel rocker.

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