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Physiotherapeutic Exercises According to N.A.P.®

About Renata Horst

Born in Hamburg and grown up in New York, Renata Horst has successfully completed her advanced Physical Therapy Education in Germany and Austria. In 1999, she devel- oped the N.A.P.® based on PNF and classic manual therapy. Renata Horst currently runs the Institute for Further Education for Physiotherapy in Ingelheim.

There she works as a physiotherapist and a N.A.P. and PNF instructor. Additionally, she is the author of many professional articles and books about neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation and operates internationally as a lecturer and supervisor. Renata Horst instructed and recorded the exercises for this chapter. Besides, she laid the foundation for the N.A.P.® Gait Classification.

About the book:

Renata Horst:
N.A.P. – Therapieren in der Neuroorthopädie

ISBN-13: 978-3131468819
March 2011, Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart

The book N.A.P. – Therapieren in der Neuroorthopädie describes the background of the Neuroorthopedic Activity-dependent Plasticity and explains evidence-based exercise strategies.
In addition to muscular and neurological basics, a clinical context is established that explains biomechanical human movements, pathological strategies and its therapies. N.A.P.® is based on the idea to initiate movements during a useful action with the active participation of the patient. Thus, orthoses can be integrated actively in the therapy concept. The brain is getting an immediate response about the biomechanical situation.

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